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Hi, I'm Alex!


Firstly, I hope you are well and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to view my page - Welcome! I thoroughly believe I can help you.


A little about me - I've been Personal Training one-to-one clients for the best part of ten years. My background includes gaining a BSc Honours Degree in Sport Science from the Univeristy of East Anglia, working in gyms all across the country and managing a private training studio in Hampstead, London. 


Aside from Personal Training, I am a Soft Tissue Therapist. Combined with thousands of hours in my studios over the years, training 100's of clients, I've gained a huge wealth of knowledge of anatomy, movement, pain management and strength training's role in keeping a body functioning to its maximum - exactly how nature designed it!

I'd love to share that knowledge with you today and help you maintain a strong, pain-free body for years to come through an easy-to-follow 6-week system I have designed - for people exactly like you, called the Move Better Plan

My ethos on how on the importance of moving your body, how to banish aches and pains in the joints and muscles. How to feel great and use your body to it's fullest potential. Movement, mobility, personal trainer, highgate, mobilitywod, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, achillies tendoniti

The Move Better Plan

Do you often feel stiff and achey? Not performing to your best in your sport or day-to-day life?

This 6-week movement plan encompasses all of the main human movements - the one's that are lost in today's sedentary world! Free your body and experience the joy of living without aches and stiffness by committing only 20mins a day to yourself!

WHAT You'll Receive:

6-Weeks of mobility and strength coaching straight to your phone

Over 100 HD 'How-To' videos for EVERY exercise

AT HOME drills to help improve achey joints and muscles right now

Self-assessment tools so you can check your progress and watch how your body is moving better in real time

The Move Better App

Christopher Eccleston, Actor

I've trained with Alex for three years. His expertise and commitment has transformed my fitness and confidence.

I've worked with trainers in the United States and around Europe - he's the best I've met.

Kimberley, Singer

My knee is now feeling 99% better! The training has massively impacted my life and I love the whole process of getting stronger

Arthur, Advertising Exec

I've seen massive changes in my wellbeing and physicality since starting with Alex. I'm moving better and I've learned to manage back issues that have troubled me for years. Highly Recommended!

I believe life is more important than just 'working out' - playing catch with your children, running on the beach and living a happy, pain-free life is the goal! This program supports that!

But don't take my word for it...

HOW the Move Better Plan works

The Move Better App

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Start moving better! Access your 6-week program and begin at home, in the gym or anywhere else

The Move Better App

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