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NW Personal training was created in 2018 to ensure clients could receive the highest standard of Personal Training available in London. Having previously worked together for Matt Roberts training actors, music performers and professional footballers, the three had an incredible eye for detail when providing the highest standard of coaching.

The cohesive nature of the trio meant that clients had the option to train with either trainer whilst progressing and maintaining a level of applicable intensity.  Since the beginning of 2018 the three decided to branch out to separate gyms but keep a company ethos present between them.


By choosing to work with NW Personal Training you are investing in a company of passionate individuals who are consistently aiming to strengthen their knowledge and expertise. This passion is present in every session as you will be guided through each programme that is specific to your target. It is paramount for us to understand our client’s lifestyles to coach them towards their needed goals, because of this we have procedures in place to help you manage your stress, sleep and nutrition.


Having up to 25 years of experience between us we are confident to say that our methods have been refined and trialled to enable us to achieve the best results as we educate our clients by giving them the tools to train correctly for years to come.

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We are more than happy to have you get in touch with us. Please have a look at our individual pages for further details.
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