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Franklyn is an injury prevention and lower back pain management specialist. Having worked in the fitness industry since 2014 and obtaining his Level 4 Lower Back pain management qualification in 2015 Franklyn found a passion in helping people improve athletic performance and pain free movement.

Franklyn understands that coaching an individual is much more than trying to get someone into ‘shape’, He will recognize your motives to coach and support your sustainable healthy lifestyle.  Franklyn believes in consistency when it comes to training and nutrition, ‘you do not need to be perfect but you do need to be consistent’.

With a complete approach to training you will be acquiring new skills with Franklyn that will ensure a positive out look to exercise and your own confidence. Improving mobility and posture will be a priority within sessions as living a pain free life should be a necessity when exercising.

Franklyn specialises in helping busy professionals gain strength, stay injury free and get great returns from their training and nutrition. 

Success Stories

"My Daughter and I really enjoy our joint training sessions with Franklyn. With his wealth of experience, we each get targeted attention. As a Dad, I really appreciate Franklyn's professionalism with the way he has helped my daughter address an issue she has with her back”

John L.

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