Personal Training

A service for the client who wants to optimise their time invested in training,

with the following goals:


We combine body weight, machine and weight training to work your muscles, strengthen your body.


Improving your stamina does not necessitate spending hours on a treadmill. We ensure that your time in the gym challenges you without  feeling overwhelmed.


Training done the correctly improves posture and joint health whilst allowing you to get results without a risk of injury.

What's included?



Rest assured every programme given to you by your trainer has been designed specifically for you

Access to NWPT Online

Gain access to our custom app from the palm of your hand. 

Additional Programming

Mobility programmes to do at home or even a programme to do in your hotel gym, your trainer will make sure you always have what you need.

Where would you like to train?

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NW Personal Training - Highgate

236A Archway Rd, Highgate, London N6 5AX

07826 927816

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