4 Pillars of A Solid Plan

Two weeks into the new year and hasn’t it gone by quickly!

By now you should have cleared out all the remnants of Christmas and your exercise and fitness regime is rocking.

Oh but wait! – those same obstacles are starting to get in the way again.

Working late, Evening events, Friday events and that same Take-away is still open.

Apart from having the right intentions and motivation have you managed to implement a structured plan to help create discipline when you start to fall into the same routine.

Here are our - 4 Pillars of A Solid Plan

1. Approach

2. Nutrition

3. Activity

4. Manage


This is your goal setting, pick goals that are obtainable and realistic...

They should be catered towards your present self and not your past self, who didn’t run a company, have a family and a busy schedule.

Your previous achievements may not be as important now – Ask yourself, why is this goal so important to me and what value does it bring to my life.

Once this is established the task will appear a lot less daunting and far more empowering and achievable.

We like to ask Why? when setting goals to understand what the real motivating factors are, from there we can break it down into attainable chunks.


The most confusing part of any health kick.

With so much contradictory information it’s very easy to see why some people may stop eating fruit in the morning but start adding butter to their Coffee.

Is breakfast important?

Should I only eat for four hours a day?

Should I only go Keto then raw vegan on the weekends?

Instead of getting caught up on the minutia (as Jeff would say) you should concentrate on building a plan that suits you.

Start with small changes to your diet or eating routine and build on it once you are confident – It could be as easy as chewing your food more and appreciating it – Opposed to wolfing it down whilst you rush out the door and then that gastric problem happens again ☹

Bad habits and routines would have been formed over many years – It may take some time to break them so be patient but also forgiving if you have a slip up.

The main point is that you should feel confident that every change can be long term and not a complete chore.


We love this part because this should be the enjoyable bit. This is what gets you excited and if it doesn’t pick something that does.

When working with our remote clients we like to encourage our clients to pick activities that they enjoy as along as it gets them moving and doesn’t injure them.

If Zumba gives you a fire in your belly, get out there and shake it. If you like to go on long treks, ramble on.

Regardless of the activity it should be something that will fit into your schedule for the long run – consistency is key.

Activities that require you to perform a skill or perfect a technique will yield the best results in the long run, which is why we love strength training. If you have not tried it before, we urge you to start.


Managing a modern Lifestyle is always difficult, we have commitments to uphold, we work longer hours and have less hours for family time – there can be a lot of external pressures that create stress.

When stress levels get too high, we tend to lose sleep make poor nutritional choices and possibly skip workouts.

As a result of this we urge you to find ways to manage your stress levels – You could start by establishing a bed time routine which will train your brain to get used to switching off at the same time every night. As a rested body will help optimise hormone levels homeostasis

1. No screens 30mins before bed

2. Start to turn lights off in the house as you slow down for night

3. Keep the temperature cool in the bedroom

4. Try to read before bed

5. Try a Chamomile or Valerian Tea

With February fast approaching it would be a shame to see you fall back into the old habits and routine.

After all, it is around this time that a substantial amount of new gym goers will start to fade as their motivation was not coupled with a structured and realistic step by step plan to see them through the year.

Don’t let that be you!

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