Keyboard Posture Hack

Long hours working on a computer or sitting at a desk can run havoc on our posture.

Our chests get tight, our necks feel strained and a nagging burn between the shoulder blades starts to appear everyday at around two!

As for the lower body - our glutes forget how to work and our hamstrings get tighter taking our lower back along for the ride.

Improving posture takes time and effort but it is achievable.

Managing the amount of time you stay seated at a desk should be your first call to action, you should then start to be more conscious of how you sit and what you sit on.

Once you are more aware of your sitting set up you should start to work on a mobility routine - This can be used intermittently throughout the day, before a workout or when you get home at night.

Having the ability to move with flexibility and strength is integral for joint health and wellbeing.

Here is your NEW mobility routine

Try these movements for two weeks and notice the improvement in your posture

Perform each movement for a time of a minute on each side.

The objective with these exercises is to improve movement throughout your thoracic spine, this requires a bit of skill and perseverance.

I would advise that you move through a range of motion that is comfortable for you in a smooth motion. Concentrate on controlling your breath with every movement and aim to keep a solid braced core throughout.

I must stress that everyone is different when it comes to postures and also injuries, therefore I urge you not to perform a movement if it gives you any discomfort.

If you have any questions related to any of these movements or you would like to find out how you could improve your posture, please leave us a message and we will get back to you.


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