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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

What do you see when you open the paper, or a fitness magazine, or any thing like that?

You see hundreds of get-fit-quick-schemes; juice diets, the best new fat loss plan, how X dropped 10lbs in 3 weeks!

It kills me.


When we discuss fitness, the specifics of what exactly needs to be done to lose fat and get fit are totally irrelevant to 99% of people.

Every fat loss plan in a nutshell:

1. Eat fewer calories than you burn

That’s it.

We’re driving ourselves insane by devoting time and attention to minutia like ; when we eat our meals, which supplements we should be taking, and which specific fat loss programme is best.

What should be plastered all over the newspapers is advice on behavioural change, habit acquisition and how to break the cycle of bad routines.

Despite what you might think you spend most of your life somewhere else, wandering about like a drone on autopilot. The food choices you make, the exercise choices you make, heck even what you order when you walk into a bar; everything is done as a routine.

The challenge in helping my clients achieve lasting results is to find a way to interrupt that routine so that they think about their choices.

When I’m coaching clients we always start very slowly, we build momentum and we take no backwards steps. The reason for this is that what most people lack is confidence in their ability to make changes for good.

Every new habit we discuss is framed with the following questions:

1. How confident are you that you CAN do this?

2. How confident are you that you WILL do this long term?

Clients often say yes to question one, but question two is a little trickier.

“Yes, I can have a protein shake for breakfast every morning, but I’m not sure it will last more than a few weeks, is that OK?”

No! I say don’t do it, because what going to happen after a few weeks when you give up, because you’re feeling unsatisfied every morning? You’ll revert to your old habit of a coffee and a croissant.


Let’s find a solution that will help you get results, and you will actually enjoy doing. If you want a result that lasts, aim to make changes that last too!

Making a change that you feel confident in AND you want to keep doing, builds momentum and self-belief. It eliminates the possibility of falling off the wagon because you’re building habits that align with the kind of person you want to be.

When you do break the habits, which we all do on occasion, you’ll look forward to getting back into your routine and you’ll be the kind of person who looks forward to eating well and looking after themselves.

What we need to do to be in great shape is much less than most people think. They’ve been duped into thinking that you can’t have a social life and be healthy at the same time by stupid detox plans.

Slightly better choices, compounded over time, done again and again WILL make a life changing difference.



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