Think about HOW you move, bad habits may not seem bad until it’s too late…

You’re doing great!...

If you exercise in the gym 2 times per week that is fantastic, 3 times, even better! You’re doing great and seeing improvements. But what are you doing in the remaining 165 hours around your scheduled sessions (minus sleep) to keep your body functioning correctly?

We all know the human body was never designed to sit in a chair and stare at a computer screen, or in a car holding a steering wheel. And we can all admit, we know that back pain, neck ache and nearly every other type of chronic issue are brought on by having ‘bad posture’.

BUT you can still do better!...

Remember when you were at school and your friend broke their arm? The Doc’s plastered it up at a 90 Degree angle for 6 weeks right? What happened when the plaster cast came off? The muscles were wasted away (WEAK) and stuck it that forced position (TIGHT)!!

Now imagine doing that on a smaller scale… Let’s use your hips as our example. We sit in a seated position which flexes your hip muscles at the front of your body and you sit there for 6, 7 or 8 hours a day. Ok, that may not be long enough to create a change in one day - so you may not notice anything - but try repeating that for 10 years and then wonder why your hips are tight and you get lower back pain when you sit in the car!

DO NOT FEAR, all is not lost. You can keep your body working as it is supposed to but you need to start making small changes today.

Small habits = big changes!

I want you to start thinking about your posture DAILY. When you sit in a chair is your back straight or is it rounded? When you use your Smartphone is your head pulled back over your body or is your neck arched forwards? When you drive are your shoulders pulled back or are they slouched? If you notice you’re not in the best position, take charge and pull yourself back into good posture - your body will thank you!

Relating this back to your gym workouts should help. For instance, if you and your PT have been working on your deadlift technique, you’ll know to keep our back straight and load into your hips when you hinge forwards. This movement is directly transferable to day-to-day life. Study’s show we ‘hinge’ at the hips around 3,000 times a day. Try consciously thinking about the deadlift skills you’ve been practising – even when tying your shoes or picking a pencil off the floor.

Being aware of your own body and how it moves is critical to prolonging the life and functionality of your joints, muscles and ligaments.

Today we are touching on posture as a whole but as Plato tells us,

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well…”

In future posts we will break down some specific exercises and daily work you can invest into your body, focusing on one area at a time. See you soon!

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